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Andrew has been holding inspirational speeches and interactive workshops on the English version of Jens Corssen’s widely acclaimed lifework “der Selbst-Entwickler©” (the Self-Developer) since 2013 at a range of global events hosted by international companies. Due to popular demand, he now also offers his services in German.

Times like these mean companies require employees to completely reprogram their mindset. Handpicked and trained by Jens Corssen, Andrew’s talks are based on his own journey of self-development. His ability to combine insights and helpful tools with humour and entertainment has proved a hit across the globe. He captivates his audiences and inspires them to increase their self-efficacy, be more productive and gain more satisfaction out of life.

His wit and charm also make him a great choice as host or moderator of a wide variety of corporate events.

We hope you are packed and ready to go: The Journey of The Self-Developer is waiting for you and your team.

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Find out about the fundamental principles of Jens Corssen’s The Self-Developer, presented by Andrew Bannon in German or English. His corporate talks can be booked for a team or the entire company and customized upon request.  


Andrew offers in-depth workshops on The Journey of The Self-Developer for smaller groups of around 10-15 participants. Here, you and your employees will learn how to put the tried-and-tested philosophy into practice. Each team has a personality.


A natural born entertainer, Andrew can be the front man of your event. He covers trade fairs, day events and evening galas, and he can also combine moderation work with a keynote speech.

About Andrew

The son of Irish parents, Andrew was born and raised in London, spending the first 25 years of his life there. With a degree in Economics and several years of energy and financial industry experience behind him, he moved to Munich to become a business communication and intercultural trainer. It was in this role that he was discovered by Nina Olsson on behalf of Jens Corssen, whose philosophy, der Selbst-Entwickler©, is already an institution in the German-speaking business world.

Andrew spent the next two years under Jens’ stewardship, with a view to taking The Self-Developer across the globe, which he now does with aplomb. With an unparalleled ability to inspire people on stage, he embodies Jens’ belief that personality makes the difference. His trademark is the provocative, creative and humorous style of his speeches and workshops. Information and entertainment always go hand in hand on the Journey of the Self-Developer.

Andrew is currently also doing an MSc in Coaching and Behavioural Change at the Henley Business School. In doing so, he can gain new coaching tools and techniques as well as do deeper research into the science of behavioural change.

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What is the Self-Developer?

The Self-Developer is an inspirational method developed by Jens Corssen. It empowers people to maximise their potential and gain more enjoyment out of life. With the aid of the four tools of the Self-Developer – Self-Awareness, Self-Responsibility, Self-Confidence and Self-Conquest – you can actively change the way you think and behave. This is how you kick-start the process of change.

How long are the speeches and workshops?

Speeches usually range from 45 minutes up to 3 hours. Workshops typically last between 4 hours and 2 days.

How much does a speech or workshop cost?

Each request is different. Our fee very much depends on the number of participants, the length of the job, the level of customisation as well as the amount of preparation required. The content of each speech or workshop is tailored to the client’s needs. Please contact us for an individual offer, as additional travel expenses may be incurred depending on the location of the event.

What is the difference between a speech and a workshop?

Speeches are generally for larger groups and focus mainly on the first two tools of The Self-Developer. The emphasis is very much on making sure the audience leaves the room feeling inspired and empowered. Workshops are suitable for smaller groups and usually cover all four tools of The Self-Developer in detail. In addition to inspirational, comprehensive trainer input, participants get to know a variety of exercises. After the workshop, they can experiment with these tools in order to make self-development part of their daily routine.

What information do you need from the company in advance?

In addition to all of the organisational details, we typically set up a briefing call between you and Andrew. This way, you can communicate your specific wishes as well as help him customise his content to suit your needs.

What is Andrew’s presentation style?

Andrew’s interactive speeches ensure audience members remain engaged throughout. With the help of entertaining audio and visual aids, his presentation style dramatically lifts the atmosphere in the room. Christian Endisch, Head of Human Resources at Hemmersbach, said:

“Andrew Bannon's presentation about Jens Corssen's "The Journey of The Self Developer" was outstanding. Andrew is not only a content specialist but also a great and enthusiastic presenter. He mastered our diverse and large multicultural audience through his interactive moderation. We really enjoyed this mind-popping experience! Thank you very much for joining our meeting as a very positive, entertaining and influential guest speaker.”

Can we as a company determine the topic of the workshop and/or speech, or are his talks all standardised?

The philosophy of the Self-Developer allows for some flexibility with regard to the exact topics and focal points of the speech/workshop. Andrew can of course deliver a standardised version of The Journey of The Self-Developer. However, in general, our clients like to customise the content to fit in with the overall concept of their event. Lina Niederhofer, from Personnel and Managerial Development at Lufthansa Cargo AG, said after one event:

“‘Andrew Bannon rocks!’ This is one example of the extremely positive feedback our participants sent us about Andrew. This quote summarizes the general impression very well. Andrew's speech was at the same time entertaining and informative. His great presentation skills, his excellent sense of humor and his enthusiasm contributed a lot to the success of our event. He is very flexible and easy to work with. We enjoyed his participation at our event and will recommend him for future conferences at Lufthansa Cargo.”

How long in advance can/do I need to book him? What is the normal timeline?

This very much depends on Andrew’s schedule and the time of year. Several months’ notice is normally standard and advisable, but short-notice enquiries are also welcome. A tentative enquiry from you is enough for us to give you first refusal on that date.

What have other clients said about Andrew’s speeches and workshops?

In addition to the mini reference extracts in the answers above, this translated reference from Steffi Kimmich, Chassis Systems Control, Marketing and Business Strategy Communication at Robert Bosch GmbH, is indicative:

“On day 2, Andrew opened the day with a keynote speech on self-development and, with his very inspiring nature and British humour – which I had definitely ordered – he communicated the fundamental messages with great ease. During the 90 minutes, the approx. 300 participants laughed roughly every two minutes. There were some moments where they had a chance to find themselves in his examples... I don’t think there is a better possibility to provide an impulse for self-reflection from the outside … We received only positive feedback on Andrew and his presentation; for many colleagues the presentation was a great start to their working day...
And I personally am now a fan of Jens Corssen & Andrew Bannon J.”
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